Local Display Advertising​

Boost brand awareness and target the audience you need to promote your business!

Many small businesses can’t afford large advertising budgets and worry about “missing out” when it comes to promoting themselves online. Are you one of them?

By engaging new customers with ads based on their browsing behavior and the content they’re already consuming, display advertising is an excellent way to promote and raise awareness for business brands on a budget! Display ads laser target online users through demographics like their age, gender, interests, location, and the likelihood of becoming a customer.

This means viewers will only see ads they have an interest in, and you won’t blow your advertising budget serving those valuable impressions to the wrong audience. Included is the ability to set up geo-fenced conversion zones in the real world, which are able to confirm when a user views an ad and then visits your actual business, proving the ROI. Display ads are also a great way to promote your existing content as a “native ad”, giving you the ability to engage with a larger audience than through an organic search.

This is a fully managed service, created to help you take advantage of the digital advertising landscape. Using industry-leading technology, Crosshair creates the banner ads for your business, manages the ads campaign, and sets up monthly reporting so ad performance can be tracked.

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